Loan Document Preparation and Portfolio Management

We help domestic banking and commercial lending clients structure loans and prepare documentation for transactional work throughout the U.S., working from offices in Houston and Dallas with institutions across Texas.

It is extremely important to properly prepare and finalize loan documentation with experienced legal counsel. Breach of a written commitment or not clearly stating exactly what has been agreed to in a commitment letter can open the door for a court to conclude that a lender knowingly misrepresented a clause or condition of the loan to the borrower or that the lender attempted to achieve a fraudulent or unfair result from the loan.

Such fraud and breaches of duty expose defendants to substantial damage payouts, which may exceed the borrower's actual damages, if certain federal statutes are found to have been violated.

Attentive Service Through All Phases of the Loan Process

At Vincent Serafino Geary Waddell Jenevein, P.C., our team of attorneys includes leaders in the industry. We are capable of guiding your team through loan document structuring, preparation, modifications, assignments, amendments and renewals.

We will work to assure you of your firm's strong positions and asset protection in all deals.

From compliance with all state and federal laws to acquisition financing to guaranties to construction loans to lines of credit, we can assist your firm in the management of your full portfolio of commercial loans. Our attorneys are thorough, informative and committed to risk mitigation, strategy formation and litigation.

Please call us at 214-979-7400 to reach us in Houston or Dallas, or contact us through our secure online form. We look forward to speaking with you and providing the answers you need.