Professional Liability

Our lawyers have defended liability allegations leveled against professionals, including accountants, architects, engineers and registered land surveyors, for many years and understand the importance of protecting both the individuals and their firms.

The attorneys in our professional liability practice group routinely advise design professionals and accountants in all aspects of the law. Our experienced attorneys have defended professional liability claims arising from allegations of professional negligence in excess of $100,000,000.

Design Professionals

Our firm routinely represents architects, engineers and registered land surveyors throughout the entire life of a project. We negotiate professional services contracts on behalf of our clients and have negotiated contracts for professional fees in excess of $60,000,000. As part of our negotiations, we are able to provide guidance to the client regarding all aspects of the contract including matters related to the relevant standard of care, warranties, insurability, indemnity, and the duty to defend.

Additionally, we have defended hundreds of lawsuits brought against design professionals stemming from allegations of negligent design, negligent contract administration, tortious interference and fraud. In fact, our attorneys are typically the first in line to be retained by design professionals or their insurance carriers on some of the largest claims in Texas. For more information regarding our Design Professional Liability Practice Group, contact Brandon Waddell.


Shareholders at the Firm have more than 20 years of experience defending accountants against claims of malpractice. We have defended claims made against large accounting firms related to audit and tax engagements. Those cases necessarily involve not only the legal claims asserted against the individual and the firms, but the professional accounting standards governing the work performed by the accountants. The audit and tax engagements at issue involved specific tax, accounting, and auditing issues that arose in connection with work performed for various individuals and entities, including a trust, a manufacturing facility, real estate company, and others.