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Lawsuit filed against Netflix by Relativity Media

Texas movie fans might be interested in learning that Relativity Media has filed a lawsuit against Netflix alleging that Netflix engaged in a smear campaign and breached its contract with the media company. A Netflix spokesperson called the lawsuit ironic and baseless.

Lawsuits filed over Dell-EMC merger

A proposed merger between Texas-based computer manufacturer Dell Inc. and Massachusetts-based technology company EMC Corp. would be the biggest technology merger in history if it goes through. However, the legality of the merger has been disputed in several class action lawsuits. In a regulatory filing on Aug. 8, EMC stated that groups that claim to be made up of EMC shareholders began much of the business litigation by filing 13 lawsuits. Two other lawsuits were filed by VMware Inc. shareholders.

Judge dismisses case related to Madoff Ponzi scheme

People in Texas and throughout the country were affected by Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme several years ago, but on May 18, a judge dismissed a suit by investors who attempted to sue JPMorgan Chase & Co. for Madoff's actions. The suit, which was filed in New York, stated that the company had profited from doing business with Madoff while ignoring red flags. However, the judge ruled that the investors had waited too long to file the suit and that there was insufficient evidence of JPMorgan's control of Madoff's activities.

Fox News Network settles contract dispute

Fox News Network, LLC, which operates Fox Business News, and Leftfield Pictures, a reality television producer, have come to a settlement over a breach of contract lawsuit regarding a proposed series. Reality television viewers in Texas might have heard about the potential show about estate sale managers.

SEC announces areas of focus for enforcement in 2016

Regulatory compliance is an important, ongoing task for business in order to avoid liabilities under federal and state law. For businesses in the financial industry, whether big or small, complying with regulations and rules put out by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is part of this process.

Drone delivery still on hold as companies wait for FAA approval

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced two years ago that his company intended on launching a new delivery service called Amazon Prime Air, many cheered the ambitious idea. That's because Amazon Prime Air promised to do what no company had been able to do yet: deliver products directly to customers' doors using drones.

ADA anniversary sparks suits against businesses across Texas

The undertaking of civil action usually has a monetary component to it, especially where businesses are concerned. Sometimes seeking a financial award is meant to be a punishment and is the whole purpose. Sometimes the objective behind a lawsuit is to press for change.

Texas software company accuses Ford of stealing software design

Businesses depend greatly on innovation in order to be competitive in today's marketplace. This is true of all industries. Companies are rightly solicitous, then, about protecting their intellectual property. The primary means by which this is done is to patent, copyright, and trademark innovative ideas.

In business disputes, flexibility is often best for resolution

Legal action in Texas can take a lot of different forms. That's a good thing because there are no two cases alike and that means that there could be any number of routes to reaching an optimal outcome. Finding the right one for a given business dispute depends on weighing a lot of factors.

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