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Woman takes insurer to court in dispute about storm damage

The bad weather that struck the home of a woman in Houston in April 2016 only marked the beginning of her troubles. She is now headed to court after filing a suit against her home insurance provider for alleged violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

New rules for insurers in bad faith and breach of contract suits

There may be changes ahead in how some suits against insurance companies in Texas are handled since several rules have been established regarding contractual and extra-contractual insurance claims and the relationship between them. The five rules emerged from a case involving a woman whose house was damaged by a hurricane. When her insurer denied her compensation after two inspections on the grounds that the cost of repairs was less than her deductible, she sued for unfair settlement practices and breach of contract.

Dru Hill members lose lawsuit over unpaid royalties

Music fans in Texas and around the country may be familiar with the 1990s rhythm and blues band Dru Hill. The Baltimore-based group's Top-40 hits include 'Never Make a Promise", 'How Deep is Your Love" and 'In My Bed", but the quartet's foray into civil litigation has not been as successful as their music. The band filed a lawsuit over unpaid royalties against Sony and EMI in 2015, but a federal judge in New York dismissed the case on Feb. 24.

Danica Patrick's sponsor sued for breach of contract

NASCAR fans in Texas may be interested to learn that Stewart-Hass Racing is suing Nature's Bakery for breach of contract. According to SHR, Nature's Bakery pulled its sponsorship of racer Danica Patrick prematurely. Nature's Bakery previously signed a contract agreeing to sponsor Patrick for three complete racing seasons and pay Patrick $15.2 million for each season.

Univision wants Charter to abide by previous agreement

A dispute between Univision and Charter Communications has disrupted Spanish-language programming on stations owned and operated by Univision for Charter cable subscribers in Dallas and other major markets. Univision ended its transmission of programming to Charter because Charter began paying the content provider a rate determined by its contract with Time Warner Cable, which it merged with in 2016. The Time Warner contract paid Univision a lower rate than Univision's contract directly with Charter.

Richard Carpenter sues for nonpayment of royalties

Texans who are fans of The Carpenters might be interested in learning that Richard Carpenter has filed a lawsuit against Universal Music alleging that he and his sister's estate are owed unpaid digital royalties from the label. The lawsuit was filed on Jan. 11 in Los Angeles.

Actress in contract dispute reaches settlement

Texas parties to a contract who believe another party is in breach may have legal recourse. This is exemplified in a case in which an actress filed a multi-million dollar against a television network for being in breach of a contract.

Company behind "Duck Dynasty" sues founders alleging fraud, BOC

Many Texas residents who enjoy the popular reality television series 'Duck Dynasty" may have been saddened when A&E Networks announced in November that the show's fifth season would be its last. Gurney Productions, which is the company behind 'Duck Dynasty," was sold to ITV America in 2012. On Dec. 9, ITV filed a lawsuit against Gurney Productions founders Deirdre and Scott Gurney claiming fraudulent concealment, self-dealing as well as breach of contract.

Selena series may be blocked from production

Texas fans of the late singer Selena may not have the ability to watch the television series about her love story with her widower that has been planned by her widower. According to court documents, Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, has filed a lawsuit against Chris Perez, the late singer's husband.

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